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My Trading Strategy

Updated: May 25, 2021

An Introduction Into Our Group Membership



Hi everyone.

This is just a brief introduction to my membership. It’s something we have had in the background of the channel for some time, but for those considering, I thought it best to give some insight into what to expect.

Initially I had a reluctance to offer anything resembling a paid service, in fact the whole purpose of me starting the channel was to follow my passion and provide free education, enabling anyone to devise their own strategy, more like a DIY approach.

I noticed however over time I had lots of questions about my own personal strategy, which led me to the idea of a central area to discuss.

The monthly fee is the minimum I was able to charge through You tube, through which a large percentage is taken. It is not however the monetary value that is important to me, rather the commitment and accountability it provides to those serious about the teachings.

With that being said, for those not looking to join the group I hope you continue to enjoy and learn from all current and future videos.

A bit about me, I have been involved in the markets for more than 25 years, enduring many of the ups and downs the market has had to offer.

When I made money, I thought I cracked it, and when I lost, I continued to tweak any idea of a strategy I thought I had. Switching from different markets to different time frames and exploring all the different technical indicators you could think of.

Eventually I took full accountability, and after hundreds of books and probably thousands of hours of back testing and practical application, I began to build a strategy and philosophy which was not only logical and profitable, but it fitted with my personality. A highly underrated attribute.

If I had a key piece of advice to anyone looking to make trading or investing a serious endeavour, I would say just that, make sure you understand your personality (strengths and weaknesses) and align your strategy to suit.

My strategy is what I would like to call a hybrid approach, the sweet spot between technical and fundamental analysis. As such I like to use the weekly charts for all my technical decisions. I feel that any time frame less than this and we lose the alignment of fundamentals, and fundamentals alone are missing the opportunity to time the market or add risk reward structure to a position, an incredibly important metric.

I analyse potential positions and disclose them to the members each weekend, with some commentary as to why each position is taken, the profit and loss from closed positions and a live portfolio of all my positions. I hope this alone will add transparency and teachings, whilst enabling the individual to gain confidence to go it alone whenever they should choose.

To this point, I must add that I’m not a financial advisor, neither should any position I suggest be considered blindly. All I ask is that you take what you can from the process and perhaps merge it with your own style.

In terms of specifics.

I generally build up a portfolio to around 15 positions. Too many has a diluting effect, whereas too little is leaving us more exposed to positional anomalies.

Some weeks there are no qualifiers and others there could be 3 or 4.

My long-term win rate has averaged 58% and my risk reward ratio is a little over 4 to 1, with the average loss being around 6% and the average win around 24%.

My goal is to return an unleveraged 40% per annum.

The membership is certainly not for those looking for frequent action, rather those looking to learn from a more patient approach.

If you think you can benefit then great, if not, please enjoy and learn all you can from the free material I’ll continue to offer on the channel.

Best of luck and bye for now.

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