Mark Minervini - Stock Trading Wizard

Updated: May 25, 2021

Mark Minervini - Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard - Animated book review.

Stock trading strategy - SEPA System.



Hello and Welcome to the Financial Wisdom channel .

In this video we review the book by Mark Minervini -Trade like a stock market wizard

How would you like to achieve super performance in the stock market, and average 220% return per year for 6 years!

We explore the book and present the key criteria Mark Minervini used to do just that.

But before we begin, who is Mark Minervini?

Mark Minervini is best know as a technical analyst, acclaimed author, instructor, and independent trader

Mark became a star in the trading community when he achieved a 155% annual return to win the 1997 U.S. Investing Championship.

Let’s take a look….

As the subtitle suggests the books focus is on achieving super performance in the stock market.

Mark averaged 220% per year from 1994 to 2000 (a 33,500% compounded total return)

To illustrate this incredible performance, lets look at how a £10,000 account would have grown throughout that period.

This truly IS super performance, and demonstrates the impact of compounding returns.

The key message here is to keep reinvesting and compounding those profits, if there are frequent withdrawals then the true impact will not materialise, and neither will the super performance returns.

Mark Says;

“You must stay focused on what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Mark classifies himself as both a technical and fundamental analyst.

He relies on price and volume.

And fundamentals to enhance the odds of success.

The methods he described are similar to the CANSLIM system that Mr William O’Neil teaches.