Insider Buy Superstocks by Jesse Stine.

Updated: May 25, 2021

Insider Buy Superstocks by Jesse Stine. Insider buying and technical analysis turned Jesse Stine into a multi Millionaire.



If you are looking for some financial inspiration look no further than Jesse Stine.

Jesse traded his way to a fortune in the space of only 28 months, turning 46000 dollars into 6.8 million dollars !

This is a multiple of 147 times the initial investment, even $1000 would have turned into $147,000 over this period.

We look at how Jesse Stine managed this astounding return.

In this animated video we present Insider Buy Superstocks by Jesse C. Stine.

Jesse started out just like you and me, an independent stock trader.

In this book he shares his strategy which is a blend of technical analysis and fundamental analysis, a style closely aligned to mine.

In the early years Jesse paper traded popular stocks like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines and Nike. His paper returns were mediocre, and he soon found out that super performance is found in unfamiliar stocks not the familiar stocks he was following.

Let’s take a look at his journey.

Jesse’s first investment came through a recommendation from a friend, a biotech company awaiting FDA approval. It was suggested the price would increase from twenty cents up to fifteen dollars once approval was given, a 7500% return.

Jesse opened his first brokerage account, deposited two thousand dollars, placed the trade and dreamt of riches.

A few months passed by and the stock slowly drifted lower until the news came out that the FDA had rejected the drug.

Jesse’s $2000 went down the drain along with his dream of riches.

Two years later Jesse interned for a small technology company, and shortly after through advice from his colleagues, his boss and a $3000 loan from his father, he again invested.

Again, many months passed and the stock drifted down until it also became worthless.

Another punt, another loss and another lesson.

In 1998 Jesse returned to Atlanta, during this period the stock market was making huge gains and was a talking point in many households. At this point Jesse’s attention turned to day trading.

He put $10,000 into a brokerage account at Ameritrade and proceeded to trade well-known names like AOl, Amazon and Ebay.

Jesse was hooked and started to use leverage to enhance his growing account balance, that was until the financial crisis hit which saw many tech stocks fall in value by 70% in a short space of time.

Once again Jesse lost everything, his savings and his day trading career…

He left the markets for 3 years, vowed never to invest again and continued his education where he studied for a master’s degree in business.

In 2001 Jesse was hit with a setback regarding his health, fortunately his health improved many months later, and he turned this setback into a foundation for future success.

He completed in depth research relating to his initial diagnosis, which led him to a company called Elan Pharmaceuticals. After thorough fundamental analysis he believed the value of the company could reach $500,000,000 which was 160 times more than the current valuation.

He noted that the stock price just a few months earlier was considerably higher and believed it could reach these heights again. To add to his analysis, he seen that the CEO bought several hundred thousand dollars of stock at the current price.

During Jesse’s 4-year absence from the markets he managed to save $22,000, he put it all on the ELAN trade at a price of $1.25 per share in the month of October 2002.