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Best Platforms For Traders?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Artificial Intelligence generated list of the best platforms.

In the era of growing AI I thought it would be interesting to ask ChatGPT for a list of the most popular sites to help traders and investors to become better informed, This was the list:

  1. Real-time Market Data and Financial News:

a. Yahoo Finance (

b. Google Finance (

d. MarketWatch (

f. Financial Times (

g. The Wall Street Journal (

h. (

j. Seeking Alpha (

2. Technical Analysis and Charting Tools:

a. TradingView (

c. StockCharts (

f. NinjaTrader (

h. TrendSpider (

3. Social Trading and Online Communities:

a. Seeking Alpha (

b. StockTwits (

e. Public (

f. Motley Fool (

h. Morningstar (

4. Algorithmic Trading Platforms and Services:

a. AlgoTrader (

b. QuantConnect (

c. Trading Technologies (

d. QuantRocket (

f. TradeStation (

h. Zorro Trader (

i. MultiCharts (

5. Robo-Advisors and Automated Investment Platforms:

b. Wealthfront (

c. M1 Finance (

d. SoFi Invest (

e. Personal Capital (

f. Schwab Intelligent Portfolios (

6. Back testing Platforms and Tools:

a. Portfolio123 (

b. QuantConnect (

c. TradingView (

e. NinjaTrader (

f. TradeStation (

7. Brokerage Companies:

Charles Schwab (

8. Fundamental Analysis sites:

9. Trading Spreadsheets:

10. My choices:

Back Testing - MarketInOut (30% Discount Code )

Fundamental Analysis - Stockopedia (Discount Code= fw25 )

Trading Journal - Edgewonk

Other Charting Platforms - Chartmill

Breakout Scanner -

Hopefully you can find some resources from the lists to help you in your quest to beat the markets.....

My breakout strategy - 19 page rule book (PDF) is available for all members to use.

Our Breakout Scanner -

My Brokerage Account (Interactive Brokers) -

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