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Option 1 = £28 Per Month - Paid Quarterly
Option 2 = £21 Per Month - Paid Annually
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Financial Wisdom Feedback
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A strategy built from over 30 years of market experience built on concepts from some of the best traders in history. 
Join many others in our group and follow all my trades in the US Championship.

Strategy PDF:-

                 - Community Forum

                 - Weekly reports Including: 

                    a) My Portfolio
b) My Performance stats
                           c) Market analysis
                           d) Each and every trade I make

                - Bespoke Breakout Scanner

                - Numerous Spreadsheets

                - All Past Trades For Further Analysis


Professional Stock Trading Platform

Consolidation Breakout Scanner

*I predominantly trade in US Markets, although frequently add positions from other European & Major market indexes*

Or gain access to the PDF by joining our membership where you also get access to:

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